Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Expensive Sunglasses!

There are a few things in life worth spending money on... among those things, expensive eye-ware is close to the top of the list. We don't care about the statements they make about us... we're not doing it because we want you to envy us. Likewise, we don't care if you judge us for spending money on them! I think we could all agree that eyes are fairly important body parts. Not only can you protect your eyes against foreign flying objects moving at laser speeds, but more importantly you can protect them from Sun damage. That junk is important. LOOK WHAT AWESOME THINGS THE SUN CAN DO! 

Now that it's obvious you are with us on this matter... let us explain one more thing. If you want to get the cheapo sunglasses that you'll buy 10 pairs of over the next year or two, that's cool... but don't say we didn't warn you when you go blind tomorrow. Seriously.... blind.... tomorrow. Certain cheap lenses will allow your pupil to allow more light in but not protect it as it allows more UV rays in. We're warning you now that UVC, UVA, and UVB rays want to get you... they're not selective on who they hurt. We've interviewed them, so we are the resident knowledge here. K?

GET INTO SOME GOOD LENSES! We -strongly- recommend Oakley, Revo and Costa Del Mar as brands. Yes, you will pay a lot of money... but they will feel better, last longer, look better, protect you way better, and you can't imagine how much better a bright day can look to your eyes with a good set of lenses! Seriously. Here's a before and after pic of the way your day could look with good sunglasses.

Do yourself a favor and go to 

Serious business though... go to a local retailer of fine sunglasses and get the info. Protect your balls.... eye balls... you, you knew what we meant. DO IT.


Unknown said...

Is that really her skin?! Ahhhh

Unknown said...

for sure.... pretty damn bad, eh?

martin01 said...

As opposed to the summer months brand of fashion designers, winter weather sunglasses are apt to have a lot brighter zoom lens letting you view plainly with people unexciting, uninteresting days nonetheless minimize glare, whilst protecting face.

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