Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Football in Alabama

Being born and raised in America's deep south means a few things... among those, a true pride in one's country and state, but probably more immediately important in each of our hearts is a pride in our own football team. Down here, we don't all have big cities with tons of things to do or boast about... but, by God.. we got FOOTBALL!

Living in Alabama, it is common knowledge that the Governor is a less powerful man than the head-coach of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. We live it here, y'all. I'm thirty years old, and ever since I can remember living, my dad raised me understanding that the only thing we play for is championships. Period. I can't say that for every team in the great state of Alabama. We have rivals in a team called Auburn. Oh, you've never heard of Auburn? Perhaps you have heard our nickname for their fans, "boogs?" No? Oh well, they're still trying to be relevant. Anyhow, back on topic.... Yeah, here at Alabama we will even fill a stadium to capacity for SPRING FOOTBALL GAMES... Do you have any clue how damn hot it is in mid to late April with no shade down here? Yeah, it's miserable. Hell, I can't decide if it's the corn-bread or the heat down here that makes our players such badasses... It's something though. We got good genetics!

Next time you're in a college town USA in the deep south on game day for a team in the SEC, I would strongly suggest going to a game. It's a rare bird that can't appreciate the bad-ass-ness and contagiousness of it all. Besides, we'll have all of the most excellently smoked BBQ and hospitality you can ever imagine... not to mention beautiful women, and TONS of cold beer to quench your thirst.

30 days to kickoff y'all. ROLL TIDE!



Lori said...

All true! You just can't beat Tuscaloosa on game day! Roll Tide guys!

Unknown said...

DAMN RIGHT! ROLL TIDE... already can't wait for football. Best time of year EVERY year.

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